In the Garden

a serene oasis central to greater houston

We are creating an oasis in Houston where people are inspired to value plants, gardens, and the natural world… where visitors of all backgrounds are engaged in learning about plant science, ecology, and the many health benefits of plants… where families, friends, and neighbors come together to enjoy time in a beautiful space… and where biodiversity is preserved and healthy ecosystems are promoted.

In the Garden, visitors will find beauty and serenity, celebrate memorable events, and discover opportunities for healthy living

·   Being outdoors in tranquil gardens improves physical and mental health
·   Communal spaces bring people together for fun and celebration
·   Lifestyle classes promote healthy eating, movement and exercise, art, mindfulness, and more

In the Garden, all of us, from children to seniors, will deepen our understanding of plants and nature

·   Partnerships with green groups and educational institutions bring together expertise from across Houston 
     on plants and ecosystems to share with visitors
·   Hands-on experiences in outdoor classrooms make science real for school children
·   Home gardeners learn about new plants and gardening techniques

In the Garden, we will study what grows in Houston and help preserve the world's biodiversity.

·   Collection gardens help preserve global biodiversity
·   Sustainable practices and instruction promote environmental stewardship
·   Research efforts contribute to botany, horticulture, and environmental science

Phase 1 - Coming 2020

developing the garden in stages over several years 

Recognizing the opportunity to begin construction soon, Phase 1 prioritizes essential elements needed to open a beautiful botanic garden and the infrastructure to support future phases. Display and collection gardens will allow visitors to admire the beauty of a blossom and the grandeur of an oak. Natural ecosystem gardens will exhibit a remarkably diverse confluence of ecoregions occurring in Houston. Gathering spaces will bring together families, friends and the community to celebrate events and enjoy the outdoors.


meet our planning team

Planning Committee

Steve Lindley

Nancy O'Connor Abendshein
Carole Bailey
Frank Brown
Elisa Donovan
Lorrie Foreman
Melbern G. Glasscock
David C. Joiner
Randall E. Meyer
Jose A. Rocha
Nancy S. Thomas
Emily Tuttle Wilde


Clark Condon
Overland Partners
Venturi Outcomes
West 8

Staff Leadership

Claudia Gee Vassar
President & General Counsel

Jose L. Leal
Office Manager

Horticulture Task Force

Nancy S. Thomas

Nancy O’Connor Abendshein
Laura Bacon
Frank Brown
Sheila Condon
Jane Curtis
Lorrie Foreman
Stephanie Fox
Lynn Herbert
Dodie Jackson
Susan Lummis 
Brent Moon 
Gary P. Moss 
Kingslea von Helms
William Welch, Ph.D. 

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