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April 2023

Celebrating & Protecting Our Big, Beautiful Planet

Nature shows us the power of the seasons. Winter brings much needed rest to many of the Garden’s plant specimens, and when it’s time for their return in the spring, we are rewarded with the vibrant shades of blooming Amaryllis in our gardens, Louisiana iris in wetlands, and waves of bluebonnets dotting lush prairie grass. The return of butterflies and pollinators as they flock to new blooms gives us yet another reminder of how this complex environment works in concert to create a healthier, stronger ecosystem.

It’s fitting that Earth Day, celebrated April 22, occurs at a time when the bounty of the Garden is on full display.

The Earth is our home. It’s so easy to take for granted the gifts of exquisite flowers, powerful forests, clean air, fresh water, nourishing produce, melodious birdsong, and all the beauty of nature that makes our planet special. This month, all around the Garden, we celebrate our partnership with the living environment, and our place in the city and region’s ecosystem. Come discover the many programs and activities exploring our relationship with plants and the environment this month and enjoy the beauty of spring in the Garden. We hope you’ll leave inspired to join us in committing to care for our corner of this beautiful planet, our home.

Claudia Gee Vassar, President & General Counsel


Read the April 2023 e-newsletter for more, including an interview with the Garden’s new volunteer engagement managertips for growing and caring for wildflowers, rave reviews from spring break BotaniCampers, and information on how you can remotely visit the Culinary Garden wherever you have a web-enabled mobile device.

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