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August 2022

Cultivating an Appreciation for Nature

During these waning days of summer (summer break, that is…), we are taking every opportunity to give our children carefree, outdoor days. Freedom to explore, be in wonder, and discover their inner botanists. Our kiddos have participated in a long series of summer camps—including an outstanding week at BotaniCamp—and we want to be sure they also have unstructured time in nature.

What they learn as they’re entranced by a bee buzzing around an Aloysia virgata (almond verbena) goes deeper than just the science of the relationship of this sweetly aromatic plant attracting its pollinator. They begin to see that it is not just they that are tending to the herbs and flowers. They realize, perhaps not in the forefront of their minds, but certainly deep in their souls, that mother nature is also caring for them. We give our time, energy, and lots of sweat, and in return, our garden gives us fresh air and delicate flowers and mint tea.

The gifts of the earth are precious. We are seeing that the impacts of many little actions are adding up and threatening those gifts through polluted ecosystems, floods and droughts, and habitat loss. The delicate balance falters and species become endangered, like the migratory monarch. For so long, humans have received the gifts of trees and water, fruits and flowers, herbs and birds. Now, it is our time to care for nature in return. You can grow in your horticulture knowledge next month, or in your appreciation any day walking through the Garden, and thereby deepen your sacred bond with the world.

Claudia Gee Vassar, President & General Counsel


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